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Icelandic Heraldry - Coats of Arms

Icelandic Heraldry: A Unique Tradition

Icelandic heraldry, while influenced by the German-Nordic tradition, has its own distinct features. Here are the key points:

  1. Coat of Arms of Iceland:

  2. Distinctive Features:

    • Landscape-Type Logos: Due to Iceland’s relative isolation and lack of a governing body for heraldry, many civic bodies use vaguely heraldic landscape-type logos. These logos often depict natural elements, reflecting Iceland’s unique geography.
    • Fish and Maritime Symbols: Given Iceland’s historical reliance on fishing, fish and maritime symbols (such as lighthouses) are prominent.
    • Stockfish: An intriguing charge found in Icelandic heraldry is the stockfish—a headless cod, sometimes flattened. Historically, stockfish was even Iceland’s own heraldic symbol.
    • Tinctures: Icelandic heraldry uses colors such as silver, gold, blue, red, black, and green. Notably absent are purple and furs, which are rare in other Nordic heraldic traditions2.
  3. Historical Origins:

    • Heraldry in Iceland began with seals in the 13th century. The earliest known seal belonged to Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson, featuring a raven—a canting arms representing his name.
    • Personal coats of arms were rare in medieval Iceland, but they reflected the island’s distinctive flora and fauna.
    • Some Icelandic nobles were granted arms by the King of Norway after Iceland became part of the Kingdom of Norway in 1262.
    • Knights like Haukur Erlendsson and Loftur the Rich Guttormsson bore noble arms featuring falcons.
    • Noble arms granted in the 15th century included charges like bears and unicorns2.

In summary, Icelandic heraldry weaves together history, nature, and symbolism. Its unique features make it a captivating field of study, reflecting the spirit of this remarkable island nation21. 🇮🇸🌟

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